Introduction course in English, B driving license.

Introduction course in English- for you who needs the permission to practice private driving.  Both you and the person you are going to drive with must take the course.

Certified teacher by the Swedish Transport Agency.

 Introduction course description (B - driving license)

This course is manditory if you plan on driving privately (you don’t need to take it if you are only driving with a school). If you will practice driving at home before going for your Swedish driving license, both you and your selected supervisor (mum, dad, friend) must attend an Introduction Course (‘Introduktionsutbildning’). 
Through booking, you will receive a confirmation email (please check your spam folder).
The instructor will report to the Swedish Transport Agency when a pupil or supervisor has successfully fulfilled the course. The course is held by authorized driving instructor with legal permission to teach the course for private practice driving.

To be able to learn to drive, you must have a valid learner's permit.
Apply for a learner's permit (group 1) (e-service in Swedish)
If you are going to practise driving privately, you must have an approved accompanying driver.
Apply for a  supervisor permit  (e-service in Swedish)
If you are learning to drive a car, you and your accompanying driver must complete a three-hour introduction course before you can start practising together.
 When you practise driving privately, your accompanying driver must have their approval certificate with them. The green and white ÖVNINGSKÖR ("L-plate") sign must be clearly visible at the back of the car.