Welcome to WingsTrafikschool in Alvik!

WingsTrafikskola is authorised by the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) to conduct Introduction Courses – now available in English!
We know how important it is that you get a good driving license training for your future safety in traffic. Our ultimate goal is for you to become a safe and traffic-safe driver

We offer the following digital courses:

Digital Driving Introduction course in English.

(B - driving license)

Introduction course is manditory if you plan on driving privately.

Both you and the person you are going to drive with must take the Introduction course.

The Introduction course is held remotely through Zoom!

This course is held remotely. You will need to have access to a personal computer or tablet.

If you have booked the course for multiple attendees, you each need to have access to your own personal computer or tablet.  

This course is manditory if you plan on driving privately (you don’t need to take it if you are only driving with a school)

You can attend this course from anywhere in Sweden, without having to physically attend a classroom.

The course is held through Zoom.

Through booking, you will receive a confirmation email (please check your spam folder) with all information and link to the course.

You are required to log in 10-15 minutes prior to the course start time to register.

By late arrival you can be denied to participate in the course.  

The length of the course is 180 minutes (3h), excluding 2x10 minutes of pause during the time of the course.

During the training, you will receive information about, among other things, what you as a supervisor are responsible for in practice driving, and what requirements and assessment criteria apply to driving tests. Experienced and well-liked course leader.